Pest Control Report: Sanford, Florida, 32771, 32773

Pest Control Report: Sanford, Florida, 32771, 32773

BY Roland Hulme On

US Bug Squad

Pest Control Report

Location: Sanford, Florida

Zip Codes: 32771, 32773


Also known as the “Historic Waterfront Gateway City”, Sanford began its modern history as Camp Monroe, established by the US Army on the border of a Seminole settlement. Today it is home to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens and welcomes tourists with an abundance of shops, restaurants, a marina, and a lakefront walking trail.

Nearly 60,000 residents call Sanford home, many of whom use it as a base to commute to to nearby Orlando. The city is characterized by large, single-story homes with big yards, and plenty of palm trees and greenery.

With the proximity of Lake Monroe, which borders Sanford to the north, it’s perhaps unsurprising that residents frequently report issues with ants, spiders, crickets, palmetto bugs, ticks, fleas, chiggers, chinch bugs, sod web worms, mole crickets and armyworms.

Fortunately US Bug Squad offers the full range of pest control and insect control services to tackle these pest control issues, including Pest Control Active Application, Damminix Tick Control, surface Insect Control and Arbor Systems Tree Injection to combat white flies, black scales, pink spots, brown leaves and wilted trees.