Fire Ant Control


($18.00 per 1000 square feet)

Our fipronil-based granular insecticide controls fire ants through consumption and contact. This particular insecticide is so effective that it controls fire ants in your yard and will also significantly decrease ants in your home, too! In addition to fire ants, our insecticide can also control fleas, ticks, mole crickets, crazy raspberry ants, and other nuisance ants.


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You want to feel the tingle of the warm sun on your face.

Not the tingle of fire ants on your skin.

If you want to take back your yard, U.S. Bug Squad is ready for the mission.


Fire Ant Control

We know you want your yard back—fast. To get the job done right, U.S. Bug Squad uses the granular insecticide shown to be most effective for fire ant control.


Safe For Your Family

The active ingredient in our granular insecticide is fipronil. This is the same ingredient that goes into the tick and flea control applications you give your dog or cat (like Frontline).


How It Works

Our insecticide controls insects through consumption and contact. When an insect eats or touches the granules, the insecticide disrupts the function of the central nervous system.

We administer this insecticide with a push spreader to ensure granules get exactly where they need to be. This particular insecticide is applied once a year and is so effective that it not only controls fire ants in your yard, but it also results in a massive decrease of ants in your home, too!


What It Controls

U.S. Bug Squad only uses this insecticide for fire ant control, but it can also be effective against fleas, ticks, mole crickets, crazy raspberry ants, and other nuisance ants when applied.


What It Costs

For fire ant control, we charge just $18.00 per 1000 square feet. If you are not sure of your property’s square footage, just give us a call. We have access to a global satellite technology and can get you an accurate measurement in minutes.