Chinch Bug Control


Our treatment will completely eliminate the chinch bugs in your yard, fast.

$12.00 per 1000 square feet of total surface area to be treated.

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After investing time and effort into making your yard a beautiful place, you want to enjoy it.

You don’t want to look at or deal with yellow, brown, and dead patches of grass.

Bugs don’t need much time to do considerable damage to your lawn and yard, chinch bugs included. Chinch bugs remove the fluids within grass and inject it with a toxin that causes the grass to turn yellow, then brown, and eventually die. The end result? Your yard has large patches of dead grass. The parts of your yard that get the most sun are normally the most seriously affected areas. This may lead you to think that drought conditions are causing the grass to die, when chinch bugs are the actual cause.

Stopping chinch bugs from causing further damage is as simple as using the right treatment.

Chinch Bug Control

You want to get rid of chinch bugs—fast. To do that, we use a treatment that can prevent and control chinch bugs.

How It Works

For chinch bug control, we apply a treatment to your entire area evenly and thoroughly, completely eliminating the chinch bugs in your lawn.

What It Controls

This treatment controls chinch bugs, and will also control ants, spiders, crickets, palmetto bugs, ticks, fleas, chiggers, grubs, sod web worms, mole crickets, armyworms, and many more common insects.

What It Costs

For our chinch bug control treatments, we charge $12.00 per 1000 square feet of total surface area to be treated.