Hurricane Irma Makes Pest Control a Crisis

Hurricane Irma Makes Pest Control a Crisis

BY Roland Hulme On

Hurricane Irma swept through Florida, causing untold millions in damages. But even as homeowners and businesses rebuild, the aftermath of the hurricane has left another daunting problem.

When Hurricane Irma hit southern Florida, orange farmers thought they’d had it bad enough. Farmers lost millions of dollars worth of crops due to power outages, felled trees and ruined fruit. But now the cleanup is reaching its conclusion, a new problem has emerged – a rampant bacterial disease known as “citrus greening” that ravishes orange trees, carried by a small winged insect known as the Asian citrus psyllid.

Given the already weakened state of the orange harvest, the impact of these insects is truly devastating. Over 70% of Florida’s orange harvest has been lost, with a cost of nearly a billion dollars. More than that, the problem has caused orange juice prices to skyrocket, and impacted other businesses such as truckers, who are losing out on work now there aren’t millions of tons of oranges to transport across the country.

The culprit’s Latin name is Diaphorina citri, and while this bug is very hardy, it is possible to control it with appropriate pest control treatments. Residents of Florida can do their part by spraying their yard to eliminate the psyllids, which will help reduce their impact on the Florida agricultural industry.

The good news is that in addition to helping combat psyllids, US Bug Squad offer a the full range of pest control and insect control services to tackle ants, spiders, crickets, palmetto bugs, ticks, fleas, chiggers, chinch bugs, sod web worms, mole crickets and armyworms – plus Pest Control Active Application, Damminix Tick Control, surface Insect Control and Arbor Systems Tree Injection to combat white flies, black scales, pink spots, brown leaves and wilted trees.

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